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Large-diameter boreholes

We are operating a unique drilling rig for large-diameter boreholes

Our drilling rigs can drill a borehole with diameter between 300 mm and 3000 mm down to the depth of 1 km using RAISE BORING or BOX BORING technology. They can handle challenging conditions such as gas-prone environment.

The large diameter borehole will help you resolve some technical specifications in the construction industry; it can also help maintaining, developing and optimizing operational sections in mining such as mine ventilation in underground and overland civil engineering.

Velkoprůměrové vrty
Velkoprůměrové vrty

A unique technology in Central Europe

The RAISE BORING drilling technology is a single-step drilling operation expanding the borehole bottom up with no requirement to repeat the steps. It reduces the borehole execution time significantly.

Raise boring use

The unique technology can be used for:

  • process boreholes 
  • pits for various use 
  • ventilation shafts for tunnels and mines

Why should you work with us?

Experience of many years

We have drilled more than 45 km of boreholes (diameters 0.6 to 1.4 m) using the BOX BORING technology. We have drilled more than 5 km of boreholes (diameter 1 to 3 m) using the RAISE BORING technology.

Compelling price

We will prepare a quotation for you based on the project’s technical and operating specifications and time requirements. We will tailor the project to your needs and come up with an indicative quotation.

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