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Turn-key drilled wells

We will take care of the entire construction of your well

We will provide you with a turn-key drilled well project. We will find the source of underground water, we will deal with the necessary legislation and communication with respective authorities, we will drill the borehole, fit it up and commission it as a water well, we will ensure that the water pipes are connected wherever you need them. You will get your own source of water independent on any distribution company. Depending on the accessibility of the site, the quantity of water required and specific geological conditions of the client’s land, we will drill a well in diameter of up to 419 mm down to the depth of up to 100 m. Fast, reliable and trouble-free.

Vrtané studny na klíč
Vrtané studny na klíč

Water guaranteed

As we start the process with a survey borehole that precedes the construction of the well itself we can verify the anticipated depth of ground water and the yield of the future water source.

Innovative technologies

We are using drilling rigs with innovative technologies so we can drill boreholes even in very challenging geological conditions. As we are using sheeting in the borehole, we can drill also in incoherent rock strata, such as gravel or sand.

Why should you work with us?

Experience and reliability

Our teams drill boreholes for wells every day all over the Czech Republic. Thanks to our long-term experience we can find a specific turn-key solution for you to cover your needs.

Fast and professional approach

In most cases, the drilling of a well itself can be done within a day. Well fittings that we use are made of materials that are certified to be in contact with drinking water. Fast and professional approach with guaranteed quality go without saying.

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