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Underground drilling

We are drilling boreholes under the ground for mining operations and underground civil engineering

We have drilled more than 5 million metres of boreholes for deep mines and underground structures such as tunnels, municipal collectors or waterworks. We provide a wide range of underground drilled boreholes with the diameter between 42 and 120 mm going to the depth of up to 1,000 m and, thanks to our in-house innovative technology, we can handle even challenging geological and operating conditions (e.g. explosion-prone environment).

Besides drilling, we are also offering custom manufacturing of underground drilling rigs.

Podzemní vrty
Podzemní vrty

A wide range of services

  • geological exploration boreholes
  • securing boreholes
  • irrigation boreholes
  • process boreholes
  • water drainage boreholes
  • gas drainage boreholes
  • grouting boreholes
  • boreholes for large-scale blasting
  • large-diameter boreholes

Innovative technologies

We are manufacturing underground drilling rigs ourselves. Our twelve drilling rigs are adjusted to various types of boreholes and diverse structure of geological and operating conditions (low profile, explosion-prone environment).

Why would you work with us?

Years of expertise

Over 60+ years, we have drilled more than 5 million metres of boreholes under the ground, not only in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia but also in Spain, Poland, Greece, Turkey, Switzerland and Iceland. Therefore we are experienced in working in various geological strata.

Tailor-made project

We will prepare a quotation for you based on the project’s technical specifications, actual conditions and time requirements. All will be tailor-made for you.

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