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Ground-penetrating radar survey

Searching for underground structures and utility networks without drilling

Ground-penetrating radar technology can see under the ground without disrupting it in any way. We can search for ancient underground structures, concrete cellars, sewer slabs, engineering networks and other structures that cannot be seen on maps or found in historical documents.

You can use it as an initial non-invasive survey method verifying the underground strata in e.g. old industrial plants or historical buildings before digging and reclamation starts. You can also specify in detail the location for an archaeological survey.

Geofyzikální průzkum
Geofyzikální průzkum

Non-invasive method

Thanks to ground-penetrating radar survey you can establish the location of utility networks such as gas, sewage or electricity on your land without having to dig into the ground.

More efficient work

You can plan further reclamation and rehabilitation, digging or drilling more efficiently at a lower cost thanks to the data collected in geo-physical survey.

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